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Entrance Matting

A Year Round Solution to a Year Round Problem

Consider the following statistics!

  • 70-80% of dirt and moisture enters a building through the front, back and side service entrances.
  • Over a 20 day period, 1000 people will deposit 24 pounds of dirt.
  • The cost of removing one pound of dirt is $500.00 on average.
  • Within the first 6 feet, 42 % of the floors finish will be removed after only 1500 people have entered.

Entrance Matting: Is the first line of defence. A proper matting system consisting of a minimum of 15-feet will trap, hold and hide 85% of dirt at the entrance. Also consider the "System approach to Complete Building Maintenance". This system is composed of the following Sub Systems.

Cleanliness Odour Control Image Maintenance Occupant Safety

  • Entrance Matting through it's ability to wipe, scrape, trap and hold dirt affects all of these sub systems.
  • Matting directly affects Air Quality Systems by reducing the levels of air bourne particulate. The spread of organic matter present in dirt and debris is also reduced thus decreasing Odours in buildings.
  • One square yard of entrance matting removes, traps, and holds one pound of dirt per week. Matting enhances a buildings overall CLEANLINESS and appearance IMAGE.
  • Lastly, matting reduces slips and falls increasing Occupant Safety.

In conclusion, the most efficient cost effective method of keeping building maintenance costs at a minimum is to stop dirt at the door. Dirt, dust, grime and debris is a year round problem. Proper matting systems are a year round solution. Entrance matting also forms an integral part of any commercial carpet care program.

We offer sensible solutions to the expensive rental matting programs. Our solutions include both matting supply and maintenance. We would be pleased to review and consult with you on your matting requirements.

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Owning versus Renting

The most common objection that customers give to the purchase of mats is that they rent their matting. Rental mats provide an obvious convenience factor for the customer, however, there are issues to consider that purchasing may resolve:

  1. Rental mats provide a limited range of mat widths, lengths and colors.
  2. Dye lots may be inconsistent and not match throughout the facility.
  3. Rental mats are usually only wiper mats. A complete matting system requires the use of both scraper and wiper mats.
  4. Maintenance staff often end up vacuuming rental mats on a daily basis as part of their cleaning routine.
  5. You can often purchase a mat for the same cost as renting the same mat for 4-5 months.
  6. In the summer months, less matting is required. Does your contract adapt to summer requirements?


  1. Mat purchasing is more cost effective.
  2. Mat purchasing provides more variety in soil protection.
  3. Mat purchasing provides a wider selection when it comes to aesthetics.
  4. Mat purchasing provides a wider selection when it comes to dimensions.

Rental Mat Analysis : Owning versus Renting Comparison Chart
Number of Mats Cost per Each Weeks Total
Rental Cost

number of mats multiplied by cost per each mat multiplied by number of weeks =

Purchase Cost

number of mats multiplied by cost per each mat =


Difference Between Rental Cost and Purchase Cost =